Matthew Power dies while on assignment for Men’s Journal in Uganda

Matthew Power, who died on Monday while on assignment for Men’s Journal, pitched his Uganda trip as “a classic MJ story.”

The magazine says the 39-year-old journalist “was a true adventurer and a principled, ethical journalist who never failed to put the accuracy of the story and the fairness in his depiction of a person, place, or situation above what worked for him as a writer.”

Power (at right) said in an interview last year:

Harper’s in particular let me really expand and experiment with my voice, and is still one of the very few venues that will give a writer the space and freedom to tell a story the way it deserves. I think my first piece for them, on a village in rural India poisoned by pesticides, ran 11,000 words. And since then I’ve written probably 70 long feature stories for various magazines. …

The logistics of arranging travel, finding good translators and fixers, and reporting stories through a filter of language and culture can be difficult, but it’s absolutely never boring. The biggest challenge is likely internal, in one’s own self-criticism: am I asking the right questions? Am I doing justice to this story, and to this person’s experience?

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* Travel writing “is the greatest job in the world… I haven’t worked in an office in eleven years” (