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A reader pointed me to today’s Tallahassee Democrat front page. My first thought: I bet the publisher is on the United Way board. I checked Julie Moreno’s ZoomInfo profile, and there it was: “Julie currently serves on the boards for the Tallahassee-Leon Chamber of Commerce, Choose Tallahassee and United Way….”

You wonder why newspaper circulation is declining? (The Democrat is a Gannett paper.)

I have invited Moreno and executive editor Bob Gabordi to comment.


* “Looks like a mailer from United Way designed as a faux newspaper” (
* PDF of the Tallahassee Democrat front page ( The Democrat’s United Way story (
* Earlier: Tallahassee Democrat uses entire front page to promote “Women You Need to Know” event (

- From today's New York Times (Chicago edition)

– From today’s New York Times (Chicago edition)

* Alternative weeklies invented the tone of the Internet, says AAN’s executive director. (
* Reader Frank Spencer-Molloy writes: “‘Grizzly’ murder in cutline on New York Times obit of Joe McGinniss (page B12, 3/12/14). Too much Palin on editor’s mind?”
* Should there be an ethics code for talk-radio hosts? (
* Deadspin on Feb. 10: Rick Reilly‘s latest self-plagiarism is the worst.” ( | ESPN on March 12: Reilly will no longer write his weekly column. (
* Jeremy Hodge: “How long do foreign journalists in Egypt have before it becomes impossible for them to operate freely?” (
* A lot of media people announced job changes today. (
* Suki Dardarian quits the Seattle Times to become Minneapolis Star Tribune senior managing editor. (startribune) | “A star,” says former Times editor. (@dlboardman)
* Emily Bell points out that this year’s four most exciting new media ventures are all led by white men. (
* Oops! The Oregonian sends food section readers to a porn site. (
* Twitter better not keep crashing. (

* CBS deletes tweet about “great video” of NYC explosion victims (@matthewkeyslive)

Bill Glaberson, who left newspapers last spring after more than 25 years at the New York Times, has been named fall semester T. Anthony Pollner Distinguished Professor at the University of Montana School of Journalism.montana He will teach court reporting. (The school tells me there were 29 applicants.)

Washington Post TV critic Hank Stuever was the Montana j-school’s Pollner prof in the fall of 2012. Here’s some of what he told his students at the end of the semester:

I’m a lousy prophet, but I do predict that we will all live to see a resurgence in quality journalism that employers pay good money to produce and readers pay good money to read/view, only we’ll be working for smaller audiences who have been rediscovered by a whole new version of what we now call ‘advertisers.’ …

It was never easy to get a job at a newspaper, but they were also pretty freakin’ great places to work. Back then (whenever — the ’70s, the ’80s, the ’90s; five years ago) was also an exciting time to be entering the field. We had a blast.

And you will too. It’s a different sort of blast. Life is long and so are careers. Stop waiting for the renaissance to work itself out — I’ve already told you that I don’t think that even our grandchildren will figure out the perfect business model for media. Shouldn’t it take at least a century for us to completely dismantle and reinvent six centuries of the printed word? So hang on and fight on.

* William Glaberson named UM Journalism School’s Pollner Professor (
* Glaberson leaves New York Times after more than 25 years (
* Visiting journalism professor Hank Stuever’s farewell (


* Editor’s note: “This column was already scheduled when Heidi Sherman died” ( | Heidi Sherman obituary (

-- Milwaukee Magazine and how it's hidden at Sendik's Fine Foods

— Milwaukee Magazine and how it’s hidden at Sendik’s Fine Foods

The cover of Milwaukee Magazine’s March issue, with a lesbian couple in wedding gowns, has been “censored” by Sendik’s Fine Foods in Brookfield, Wis. “This apparently happened after a customer complained,” says Milwaukee Magazine assistant editor Abby Callard. “The reader who emailed us [about the hidden cover] asked a clerk and was told the owners deemed it ‘inappropriate.’ The circulation manager was also told the store has a policy that if one person complains about a magazine cover, they give it the black-board treatment.”

One of Sendik’s owners told me this morning that he knew nothing about the magazine cover being shielded, then suggested that the distributor – and not anyone at the store – put the black board over the cover.

Milwaukee Magazine editor Kurt Chandler tells Romenesko readers:

We anticipated there would be reaction to the cover photo and the story. I’m disappointed the reaction in this case came in the form of censorship. More constructive would be an open dialogue about Wisconsin’s ban on same-sex marriage.

* For Love & Money: Same-sex marriages and Wisconsin’s economy (

You'll never catch NY Post editor Col Allan checking out anything pink!

You’ll never catch macho NY Post editor Col Allan checking out anything pink!

* Bennington’s police chief was hoping for a positive article in the New York Times; instead, he read about his Vermont town’s “rude awakening of drugs.” (
* Obit of the Day: “He was surrounded by his loving wife of 57 years, who will now be able to purchase the mink coat which he had always refused her because he believed only minks should wear mink.” ( | h/t @jacobbogage
* A Wisconsin high school principal says he’ll start reviewing the student newspaper before it goes to press. Students are protesting the change. ( | Read the “rape culture” issue that prompted the principal’s move: (
* Claim: The word “journalism” scares off investors. (“Listicle”? That’s a different story.) (
* David Broder in 1998: “I think the Internet and Clinton will crash simultaneously.” (@jfdulac)
* Orange County Register owner Aaron Kushner was “charming” and “confident” at a panel discussion on Los Angeles newspapers. (
* A Philly realtor who was “effectively run out of town” after CBS3 ran a story about her alleged animal-carcass dumping has sued the station. (
* Jim Hopkins: “I can’t imagine Gannett buying any more newspapers, no matter the price.” (

* “All I can tell you is Abe Lincoln would not have done it” (

* Lincoln to O’Reilly: “You know nothing about me” (@darth)