[UPDATED] Sendik’s Fine Foods hides Milwaukee Magazine’s lesbian wedding cover

-- Milwaukee Magazine and how it's hidden at Sendik's Fine Foods

— Milwaukee Magazine and how it’s hidden at Sendik’s Fine Foods

The cover of Milwaukee Magazine’s March issue, with a lesbian couple in wedding gowns, has been “censored” by Sendik’s Fine Foods in Brookfield, Wis. “This apparently happened after a customer complained,” says Milwaukee Magazine assistant editor Abby Callard. “The reader who emailed us [about the hidden cover] asked a clerk and was told the owners deemed it ‘inappropriate.’ The circulation manager was also told the store has a policy that if one person complains about a magazine cover, they give it the black-board treatment.”

One of Sendik’s owners told me this morning that he knew nothing about the magazine cover being shielded, then suggested that the distributor – and not anyone at the store – put the black board over the cover.

Milwaukee Magazine editor Kurt Chandler tells Romenesko readers:

We anticipated there would be reaction to the cover photo and the story. I’m disappointed the reaction in this case came in the form of censorship. More constructive would be an open dialogue about Wisconsin’s ban on same-sex marriage.

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