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I’m having a hard time picturing this thing, Washington Post

- Washington Post

– Washington Post

This was sent to me by a reader who “was really wondering how the description got past the censors.” He adds: “It’s not so much that it bothers me as it surprises me. But maybe the final readers are ok with that. . . kids these days.”

Yes, “kids” like Washington Post’s Gene Weingarten, who recently got his pubic hair poll into the Post after many years of trying. (Gene’s 62, by the way.)

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Manchester (Conn.) Journal Inquirer managing editor Chris Powell has warned his staff that they face a $15 charge for errors that require a press plate change.payup With this new policy, says my tipster, “I expect few reporters or editors will bring mistakes to the attention of their superiors, and would rather write a correction the next day and save their $15.”

Here’s Powell’s memo:

Thursday, March 13, 2014


We’ve got to reduce the waste of press plates caused by news department errors that don’t get fixed in ordinary editing, as discarding a plate costs $15. So henceforth requests to the press department to change a plate to fix a news department mistake will have to go through the managing editor, or, in my absence, through the assistant managing editor for production, and a plate change required to fix mistakes for which there’s no good explanation may cost the responsible employee, whether editor or reporter, a payroll deduction for the cost of the plate. Let’s be more careful.

I’ve invited Powell to respond to comments about the memo.

You may recall that the editor made an appearance on this site last October after he wrote that “newspapers cannot sell themselves to households headed by single women who have several children by different fathers” and survive on welfare.

For the first time ever, Fox News anchor Shepard Smith is attending the National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association’s “Headlines and Headliners” benefit.

Shep Smith

Shep Smith

“One wonders if a long overdue announcement is coming,” asks Joe.My.God. blogger Joe Jervis.

I asked Fox News and NLGJA if Smith – outed by Gawker last October – plans to announce anything at next Thursday’s event.

“Not to my knowledge,” NLGJA membership coordinator Matthew Rose told me. “Our special guest list is filled with allies,” straight and gay. (Another NLGJA member noted that Anderson Cooper attended the “Headlines and Headliners” bash during his closeted years.)

Fox News spokeswoman Irena Briganti tells me: “Fox News is an annual sponsor of the NLGJA event and Shepard Smith is attending the benefit along with numerous other Fox News Channel & Fox Business on-air talent and staff.”

Update: Gawker’s J.K. Trotter writes in an email: “Shepard Smith was NOT on the original ‘Special Guests’ roster.” He attached NLGJA’s February 25 poster that didn’t include the Fox anchor’s name. I’ve asked NLGJA executive director Michael Tune why Smith was a late addition to the guest list.

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standingI was curious what a former Gannett editor thinks about the Gannett-owned Tallahassee Democrat devoting almost its entire front page to a United Way fundraising story – and not disclosing that the publisher sits on the United Way board. Here’s what Tom Callinan, who retired as Cincinnati Enquirer editor in 2010, tells Romenesko readers:

I’m not in the news business any more but as a news consumer observing the changes and challenges in the industry today, I’d submit: This is a general comment, not necessarily judging decisions made in this story. Transparency and independence are more important now than ever. I feel for editors who have to deal with publishers that don’t get that value. Information is a commodity. Integrity is not.

Democrat publisher Julie Moreno and editor Bob Gabordi have not responded to my emails and calls about Wednesday’s page one.

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A Warsaw (Ind.) Times-Union reporter plagiarized – or “cut and pasted,” as the Times-Union says – a crime story from Stacey Page Online, another Warsaw news outlet. The reporter has been disciplined, according the general manager’s note below.

Stacey Page writes in an email:

They initially did not apologize. In fact, the “author” emailed me and told me she was only sorry that I “felt” she plagiarized. She has never admitted her wrongdoing to me nor apologized. The editor, Gary Gerard, initially responded to me saying I owed them an apology for making the accusation. That was prior to him even investigating my claim.

When he did finally look into it and realize it was a clear case of plagiarism on their behalf, he never actually said he was sorry. The “apology” you saw (and have published on your post) is all that I have received. The GM’s wife, however, is now on FB saying that while it was a “grave mistake” they were not in the wrong.

If this was a first occurrence, it would not have bothered me as much as it does. It is an ongoing problem and has been for decades. We have incident after incident that this has happened.

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The mayor and the columnist high five

The mayor and the columnist high five

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