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* Can you spot the errors in Birmingham News’s rock legends story? (@juliemachbham)


* More from the rock legends story (@juliamacbham)

Julia McNair, who shares the above images from Friday’s Birmingham News, writes: “Twenty-five years ago I worked on the copy desk at the Tennesseean in sports. I cringed so hard when I saw that. Made me sad.” I couldn’t find the feature online; the best I could do was a page-one tease [PDF] from Friday’s page one on the Newseum site.

Update: Some people said this was a design error and needed a full-page view for context. I asked @juliamacbham to send the spread, and she did:

She says of @CallMeEPJ‘s design-error tweet: “Saw the question about copy. Does this help? You know, now I see he may be right. But it’s sloppy – it seems like they’ve got the wrong pics. Bad design is bad.”

On a recent episode of “The Middle” – ABC’s show about a struggling family in fictional Orson, Indiana – Mike, the dad, receives an award for working 20 years at a quarry. He tells his family the honor is “not important.”

The mom: “Not important? It was on the Patch!”
The teen daughter: “The Orson Patch? The whole world can see that!”

* Watch “The Award” episode (