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Center for Public Integrity’s Allan Holmes wrote this:


Verizon executive Ed McFadden then tweeted:


His follow-up:

* Allan Holmes: Wireless companies fight for their futures (
* Verizon exec calls Holmes “a lazy and unethical reporter” (deleted tweet)
* Verizon exec says the tweet “was unbecoming of me” (@edmcfadden)

After being criticized by John Hinderaker’s Powerline blog for their story on the Koch brothers and Canada’s oil sands, the Washington Post’s Steve Mufson and Juliet Eilperin posted on Wonkblog: “Our article makes clear its left-wing origins. …[The Powerline response] is strong evidence that issues surrounding the Koch brothers’ political and business interests will stir and inflame public debate in this election year. That’s why we wrote the piece.”

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Steve Morrison, a Dayton Daily News team leader on the news copy desk, sends this report about today’s viral “THE University of Dayton” front page. (OSU insists on being calledThe Ohio State University,” which some find pretentious.)

Two editors met with myself and my supervisors on the desk, plus the person designing the page.

-- Chicken scratch to printed paper

— Chicken scratch to printed paper

They said they were told that “The University of Dayton” was to be the headline, with emphasis on “THE” to tweak the nose of OSU. They also wanted logos and the score prominent. Lots of text, lots of elements and a little trash talk in a four-column spot.
I suggested the giant “THE” (160 point is what I think it ended up being) and also the construction that was the end product, and also helped fashion it with the designer. [At the right is] the note paper on which I scratched the idea and presented it to them. On the right-hand side is a scribble by one of the editors. My chicken scratch is at the bottom. Not exactly the Watergate notebooks, but…

Can’t argue with the buzz it’s created. Great fun to be a part of and a much-needed win for the program — print journalism, that is.

* Take that, THE Ohio State University! (

A Clark County (Wash.) official wants to make local newspapers with circulation of over 28,500 — there’s only one! — pay an annual “litter fee” of $150,000.

Lou Brancaccio, editor of the Columbian in Vancouver, Washington, calls this “goofball stuff” from county environmental services director and state senator Don Benton.
The editor tells his readers in his Saturday column:

[Benton has] designed his paper waste tax in a way that it would hit newspapers but the criteria is so specific it would only hit The Columbian. The small weekly in Battle Ground, The Reflector – for example – would be safe. (The county just took the legal ad account away from The Columbian and gave it to the Reflector.)

What a surprise.

If this were grade school someone would take Benton out back and give him a good spanking!

* Editor’s column: The M&M Boys and the “Godfather” (
* County considers fee hikes to pay for settlement (

- Shepard Smith, Don Lemon and others at Thursday's NLGJA event

– Shepard Smith, Don Lemon and others at Thursday’s NLGJA event

The Washington Blade reports Fox News anchor Shepard Smith – as predicted – didn’t discuss his sexual orientation at last night’s National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association bash.

He walked away from a Washington Blade reporter who approached him at the NLGJA “Headlines and Headliners” fundraiser.

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By a former Tribune Co. newspaper reporter
Do you ever write about all the journalists who have been “early retired” out of our careers? I’m 52 and lost my job in 2007 when I was 45, not realizing it was the end of my career, too. But that’s when the newspaper industry started bottoming out and I was never able to find another job.laid After ripping through my 401K (minus half, because the poor apparently deserve to have half their savings taken when they’re unfortunate enough to be poor) and trying to fight cancer without healthcare, I got near-death enough to qualify for Medicare. Lucky me. I now make an under-the-poverty-line income thanks to having been employed for 25 years.

But my calling is gone. I have tried to recover but am still bitter and angry at the dirty pool that was played. So many people I considered good friends, whose weddings and baby showers I attended, stabbed me right in the back./CONTINUES Read More

* The number of male restaurant critics is more than double that of female critics, according to a check of newspaper and magazine mastheads. (
* “It’s enough to make anyone anti-pasta,” and other winning headlines announced at the ACES convention. (
apf* Agence France-Presse reporter Sardar Ahmad (left), his wife and two of his children are shot dead in a hotel attack in Kabul. “During the 11 years he spent with AFP in Kabul, he always exercised immense courage and objectivity when reporting, despite the risks faced by journalists in that country.” (AFP via Google News) | Blood-soaked dinner tables at the hotel. (@yarotrof) | Ahmad’s final story.(@AFPblogs)
* Utah journalists ask the LDS Church to reconsider banning photographers at the April LDS General Conference. (
* NBC’s Chuck Todd criticizes CNN for its use “abuse” of breaking news on its Flight 370 coverage. (
* Michael Wolff‘s attack on “social journalism” is wrong – and damaging to traditional journalism brands, says Ed Sussman. (
pacifica* Left-wing Pacifica Radio needs adult supervision – and a lot of money. (
* The newsstand price of People goes up a buck today – to $4.99. (
* The decline of newspapers in three stages. (
* An invitation to hip, wealthy people to invest in alt-weeklies. (
* Journalists in Kiev are piecing together shredded government documents that might reveal “big secrets.” (
* Wall Street Journal reporter David Bird has been missing for over two months now. (
* Media General acquires LIN Media for $1.6 billion. The combined company will own 74 TV stations in 46 markets. (
* New York Times executive editor Jill Abramson is named Wake Forest commencement speaker; student reaction is “mostly positive.” (
* New York Observer’s redesign gets founder Arthur Carter‘s blessing. (

The headline — mocking OSU for insisting to be called “The Ohio State University” — was a “team effort,” associate editor Ron Rollins tells me.

Update — A reader writes: “The idea for the DDN’s ‘THE University of Dayton’ headline actually came from executive editor Jana Collier. My (very good) sources say she threw out the idea while bantering with another editor and the copy editor who made the page, Mark Toerner. Toerner took the idea and ran with it.”

* Full front page ( | Flyers upset Buckeyes (
* “I’m a two-time Ohio State grad who always found the ‘The’ in the university name [below] pretentious. This headline amuses me” (