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Austin Business Journal editor Colin Pope posted this on Facebook Saturday morning. (I’ve invited him to say more, and explain his last sentence.) American City Business Journals is owned by the Newhouse family’s Advance Publications.

Update: Pope tells Romenesko readers —

I typed that last sentence with a bit of sarcasm in my mind and a disgusted curl on my lip.

Colin Pope

Colin Pope

Two University of Texas journalism students called me last week hoping to get some experience/clips in exchange for class credit. I had to reluctantly turn them down, and both even countered with the offer to write articles “for free” just to amass a few clips with a reputable publication. I told them that would get me in even more trouble with Uncle Sam. They were really bummed.

I don’t have the official word from my management about the “why.” I suspect, like a lot of employers, it’s too easy to get sued with the relatively new FLSA standards so we’re steering clear of the potential liability. But our relatively few $10 an hour internships are still in effect.

A shame about the college ones though. The internships for class credit really worked for a lot of people. As you probably know, in general, students sign up for and pay UT for a class like normal, but rather than spend that time in a classroom they come work in our newsroom or observe veteran reporters. Students, professors and I loved it (even though refining young talent can be stressful and time-consuming for a busy journalist).

I wish I had known about it when I was in school. Real newsroom experience would have been way better than that children’s literature class I took as a senior.

The story about the Westboro Baptist Church asking the public not to picket Fred Phelps’ funeral – it was retweeted by the Tampa Bay Times – comes from the Onion-like Daily Currant.

“Even if the Times knew it was part of a satire story, I think the social media team was wrong to simply retweet without adding something that clarifies for the reader,” writes Megan Duncan.

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