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Shepard Smith snaps a photo of Gawker’s J.K. Trotter
* J.K. Trotter: “Fox News anchor [Shepard Smith] took out his cell phone and snapped my portrait [at last Thursday’s NLGJA event]. I still haven’t quite figured out why.” (
* Esther C. Werdiger concedes that she’s probably not a New Yorker cartoon kind of artist. (
* The search resumes for missing Wall Street Journal reporter David Bird, who hasn’t been seen since January. (
* Former New York Daily News and Boston Herald editor-in-chief Kevin Convey is named Quinnipiac journalism department chair. (
rape* School board members in Wisconsin are told: “If our children cannot learn the practice of responsible press at Fond du Lac High School, then where?” ( | The controversial issue at right.
* Kent State to Akron Beacon Journal: We’re not answering any more questions about our presidential search. (
* Yup: Everyone has an ugly anecdote about targeted ads. (
* New York Times academic interns will get $8 an hour. (
* Monica Guzman: “Next to the capabilities of digital, paper is dumb. But…” (
* Newsday environmental reporter Emily Dooley is awarded the AP/NORC Center Fellowship. (
* USC is offering a “Glass Journalism” course this fall. (

Letter to Romenesko
From KEN AVIDOR, artist and blogger: For nearly a year, I’ve been silenced by a year-long defamation lawsuit by right-wing lawyer Larry Klayman.

Ken Avidor (Google+ avatar)

Ken Avidor (Google+ avatar)

Klayman claims I defamed him by quoting a court document – that is all I did: [Link]

Klayman in his complaint also made allegations about me that are untrue.

I cannot comment publicly until the case is dismissed with prejudice. Since the plaintiff has cast a wide net covering nearly everything I wrote about, I have been effectively silenced.

It would have been be nice to get some support from journalists and publications, especially the ones that picked up stuff from my blogs (my political blogs are all off-line now) but I don’t expect that to happen.

Please let people know that they can get sued for merely quoting a court document and they can expect that lawsuit to last for a year or more.

Ken Avidor

* March 2013: Avidor’s blog exposes Klayman client’s “hate-fueled chicanery” (

From the decade-ago file…

In March of 2004, I posted this item:
* Seattle Stranger writer: “I went to New York to meet with Stephen Glass and Jayson Blair” (

…then posted this follow-up with Glass’s comment:

* Stephen Glass: “The joint interview with Jayson Blair never happened” (Romenesko Misc. via

- Ben Richardson gives it to Bloomberg News

– Ben Richardson gives it to Bloomberg News

From today’s Romenesko e-mailbag:

Dear Jim,

My name is Jessica and I’m writing from Next Media Animation. We saw your coverage of Ben Richardson’s decision to leave Bloomberg News and wanted to pass along our animation of the story.

We broke the story of Bloomberg spiking their investigative China report last year, and we’ll continue to animate any new updates in the future.

Hope you get a kick out of it!

* Watch Next Media’s video depiction of Ben Richardson resigning (
* Richardson quits Bloomberg over editors’ handling of investigative piece (

Pay $3,000 to have guests tweet during your wedding

* “$3,000 ‘social media wedding concierge’ will come up with a #hashtag for you. please stop” (@bbosker)

* “A lot of media coverage is wrong,” says Politico/Capital New York boss Jim VandeHei. “A lot of reporters are too gullible. Media reporters do not have a tough, scrutinizing eye.” (
* Washington Post’s Karen Tumulty wins the $5,000 Toner Prize for “her engaging reporting on politicians.” (
* Is Orange County Register’s paywall crumbling? (
* New York Times standards editor Phil Corbett on spell-check and the grisly/grizzly problem. (
* Boston Globe is making the “Obnoxious Boston Fan” identify himself in future blog posts. ( | Update: He’s been outed. (
* “More and more journalism will be small endeavors, often with only a single writer.” (
* Pierre Omidyar isn’t involved in First Look Media’s day-to-day operations. (
* Notes from Wall Street Journal editor Gerard Baker‘s talk on the future of business journalism in the digital age. (@SarahMarshall)
* Belgian newspaper apologizes for its Obamas-as-apes photo. (
* A non-story about a dormant Massachusetts bill goes viral. (
* Los Angeles Times’ quake-reporting robot goes to work again. (
* One cover photo isn’t going to “kill” Vogue. (
* Comedian Patton Oswalt is hosting the Webby Awards again. (
* “This is a crazy business,” says KHGI-TV’s ad for a part-time sports photographer. And they’re paying a crazy $8.50 an hour. (