Morning Report for March 25, 2014

* “A lot of media coverage is wrong,” says Politico/Capital New York boss Jim VandeHei. “A lot of reporters are too gullible. Media reporters do not have a tough, scrutinizing eye.” (
* Washington Post’s Karen Tumulty wins the $5,000 Toner Prize for “her engaging reporting on politicians.” (
* Is Orange County Register’s paywall crumbling? (
* New York Times standards editor Phil Corbett on spell-check and the grisly/grizzly problem. (
* Boston Globe is making the “Obnoxious Boston Fan” identify himself in future blog posts. ( | Update: He’s been outed. (
* “More and more journalism will be small endeavors, often with only a single writer.” (
* Pierre Omidyar isn’t involved in First Look Media’s day-to-day operations. (
* Notes from Wall Street Journal editor Gerard Baker‘s talk on the future of business journalism in the digital age. (@SarahMarshall)
* Belgian newspaper apologizes for its Obamas-as-apes photo. (
* A non-story about a dormant Massachusetts bill goes viral. (
* Los Angeles Times’ quake-reporting robot goes to work again. (
* One cover photo isn’t going to “kill” Vogue. (
* Comedian Patton Oswalt is hosting the Webby Awards again. (
* “This is a crazy business,” says KHGI-TV’s ad for a part-time sports photographer. And they’re paying a crazy $8.50 an hour. (