[UPDATED] Poynter deletes reference to Willow Bay’s husband, Disney CEO Bob Iger

999814_10152386262524369_481888547_n – From Poynter’s story about Willow Bay joining USC Annenberg[/caption]

Poynter’s post about Willow Bay being named director of USCs Annenberg School initially mentioned that she’s married to Disney CEO Bob Iger. He was later scrubbed from the post. Read the discussion about that on my Facebook page.

* “A potential conflict of interest. It warrants inclusion” (facebook.com)
* Earlier: USC president calls Bob Iger “a venerated member of USC’s Trojan Family” (usc.edu)

Update: Poynter’s Andrew Beaujon writes in an email:

Yesterday afternoon, Kristen Hare [author of the Bay post] and I were talking about the post and we decided that Bay’s husband wasn’t relevant in a news brief. We decided to take out that line, which we did not add in elegantly in the first place. But we didn’t want to change a post without indicating we made a change. So we added a correction.

Obviously you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out what we took out. I did look at some of our other stories about men making job moves and I noticed they rarely if ever mentioned their spouses. Iger is not just any spouse but I thought that information would be more relevant in a longer story, not a quick news hit. Mostly I wish I’d done a better job editing this piece in the first place.

* Willow Bay named head of USC journalism school (latimes.com)