Michael Bloomberg tells his journalists: No one is going to tell us what to publish

I’m told that Michael Bloomberg showed up at a Bloomberg News morning editorial meeting earlier this week and told staffers he fully supports the newsroom and that it’s important they keep doing tough coverage of China. (A second source who was at the meeting says Bloomberg encouraged overall “tough” reporting but didn’t single out China; Bloomberg added that “no one is going to tell us what to publish.”)

Peter Grauer and the Times headline

Peter Grauer and the Times headline

“He said he normally doesn’t believe in prepared remarks but he felt this was important enough to write down,” the first source says. “He also said the company has to respect the laws of individual countries citing how the UK has tougher libel laws which we abide by in that country.”

A recent New York Times piece about comments made by Bloomberg LP chairman Peter Grauer — “Bloomberg hints at curb on articles about China” was the hed — concerned the news organization’s journalists. The first source says: “The sense of it all [from Michael Bloomberg’s talk] was the Grauer’s comment wasn’t in line with the company’s ambitions and that the newsroom shouldn’t take it to heart.”

Bloomberg didn’t take questions at the 7:30 a.m. ET meeting on Monday, I’m told, but “he stuck around and answered a few questions from people afterwards.” There were about 15 people in the room and 40 journalists on the call.

Bloomberg spokesman Ty Trippet declined to comment.

Update: David Folkenflik mentioned Bloomberg’s “rare appearance” at an editorial planning meeting in a Tuesday broadcast.

* Bloomberg chairman hints at curb on articles about China (nytimes.com)