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Buffalo News has second thoughts about its ‘A hole’ headline?

-- Friday's Buffalo News

— Friday’s Buffalo News

On Wednesday, St. Paul Pioneer Press sports copy editor Joe Bissen thanked a colleague for suggesting he reconsider his “A hole in the net” headline. “I failed to realize a reader could pronounce the first word as a long ‘A’,” he wrote on Facebook.

Someone at the Buffalo News should have read my post about Bissen and his rejected hed, tweets @tommyro1982. He sent the ‘A hole…” headline from Friday’s News, which apparently was replaced by the one on the right. (That’s the headline I saw on my News replica edition via PressReader.)

Update — News executive sports editor Lisa Wilson writes in an email: “We changed the headline because the story changed between editions (the game didn’t end in time for first edition). We see how some could read the first hed to be naughty; we didn’t.”

* Joe Bissen’s “A hole in the net” hed is red-flagged (