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Willow Bay, who was named USC Annenberg School of Journalism director last week, beat out an Associated Press executive and a former New York Times editor for the job.

Bay, Neil Chase, and Sue Cross made their presentations at USC in late February and early March.

Chase and Cross

Chase and Cross

Chase, whose resume include jobs at Northwestern University, MarketWatch and the New York Times, tells Romenesko readers:

I’m disappointed of course not to have been chosen, but I still think it’s one if the very best programs anywhere if not the best. …I wish [Bay] the best and I know the school will do great things with her at the helm.

Cross, an Associated Press senior vice president, writes in an email:

Annenberg is a great school with talented faculty, and I wish the new director and the school every success in continuing to build its impact in journalism and academia.

* The finalists at USC: Sue Cross | Willow Bay | Neil Chase

* Earlier: Poynter “corrects” its mention of Willow Bay’s husband, Disney CEO Bob Iger (

Update: There’s lively discussion about this on my Facebook wall.

Letter to Romenesko
Spider Jerusalem From ZOIE CLIFT: I wonder if Google Glass was inspired by Spider Jerusalem (left), the journalist and main character from Warren Ellis’ comic book series Transmetropolitan. In the series [it debuted in 1997], Jerusalem wears a pair of “live-shades,” sunglasses with built-in photography capabilities.

I am currently reading the series so it was on my mind.

* Spider Jerusalem’s Wikipedia entry



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