Morning Report for March 31, 2014

* Danny Vinik: Journalism needs people like Nate Silver, so stop beating up on the guy. (
* Mashable aims to be the CNN for the mobile/social-addicted generation. (
* A West Virginia sheriff acknowledges that gun records are public, but he refuses to give them to the local newspaper. (
* Lee Enterprises, which is quick to hand out bonuses to its execs, hasn’t given St. Louis Post-Dispatch journalists a raise since 2008. (
loveLaura Bennett names the five saddest New York Times “Modern Love” columns. ( | “Not an easy assignment.” (@lbennett)
* How baseball and newspapers are similar. (
* Former Gawker editor A.J. Daulerio aims to “make a huge splash as quickly as possible” with his new Ratter site. (
* Michael Wolff on inflated traffic figures: BuzzFeed has an audience larger than the Super Bowl’s. “Something screwy here?” (
* Iowa Writers’ Workshop tells “Girls” to stay away. The HBO show’s story line “placed the university and the community in an unfavorable light,” says a school rep. (
* Michael Koretzky offers $500 to students willing to license journalists on their campuses. (No takers so far.) (
* “I like the show,” says the woman behind #CancelColbert. (
* New York Post is all over the city’s “suicide epidemic” – then runs an op-ed saying it’s just a myth. (
* Toledo Blade hears from readers after running a story about an atheist camp for kids on the religion page. (
* University of Georgia’s WUGA-TV will no longer produce local programs. (