[UPDATED] Andrew Balls: I wrote speeches for a Citigroup exec while working for Financial Times

Pimco’s Andrew Balls, who worked as a Financial Times economics reporter and columnist from 1998 to 2006, tells Bloomberg News:

- From Bloomberg's story on Andrew Balls

– From Bloomberg’s story on Andrew Balls

“[This] strikes me as one of the most interesting statements I’ve read in quite a while,” a financial journalist writes in an email. I’ve asked Financial Times about Balls’ revelation.

Update — Financial Times spokesman Andrew Green writes in an email:

The Financial Times has a long track record of integrity, independence and ethical journalistic practices, underpinned by a robust code of conduct. Our policy forbids journalists from engaging in outside work that carries conflicts of interest or where the FT’s name and reputation could be compromised. Editorial management must approve all freelance requests.

After careful consideration, the circumstance in question was deemed permissible on a single occasion.

* Andrew Balls goes from journalist to Pimco executive (bloomberg.com)