Morning Report for April 1, 2014

* The 2014 Mirror Awards finalists have been named. (
* No joke: New York Times and Wall Street Journal quietly loosen their profanity standards. ( | (
* This is a joke (at least for now): St. Paul Pioneer Press photo staff to abandon cameras for iPhones. (
* Good one, WaPo’s Ron Charles! “A bold new plan to deliver book reviews by drones.” (
* George Washington University’s GW Hatchet is the GW Butter Knife today. (
* Glenn Greenwald is awarded the 2014 McGill Medal for Journalistic Courage. (
* “We probably pay more writers than most news startups combined,” writes Forbes boss Lewis Dvorkin. (
* Slate hires Ben Mathis Lilley, who was fired as BuzzFeed sports editor last month. ( | (@davidplotz)
* New Orleans Times-Picayune can keep an online commenter’s name private for now. (
* A Santa Barbara News-Press photographer has been fired, reportedly for filing a mold complaint. (
* A Silicon Valley weekly buys a family of four newspapers. A reader writes: “Their first cut (one of many I imagine) was to fire the executive editor who has been in the company for 30 years.” (
* Criminal cases that result in a dismissal or an acquittal could soon be considered confidential in Alaska. (
* It’s about time interns got paid, says Toronto Life’s first unpaid intern. (