WSJ editor pooh-poohs the Pulitzers

“I don’t judge the success of the Journal by the number of Pulitzer Prizes,” says Wall Street Journal managing editor Gerard Baker. “It doesn’t say anything about the quality of our journalism.”

Gerard Baker

Gerard Baker

More from Baker’s Spiegel Online Q&A:

On Jeff Bezos and Warren Buffett buying newspapers: Their investments demonstrate that journalism is not a dying business. They clearly see that there is value in news and that the future will be digital. …I believe what they say: That they are not doing this for vanity reasons or because it gives them any non-financial pleasure.

On the Wall Street Journal under Rupert Murdoch: We are a better newspaper. …We became more news focused, more immediate, we made our stories livelier and more accessible. We have fewer of the very, very long-form stories you would traditionally find in the WSJ.

Regarding robo-journalism: I don’t think that in the near future we will be able to substitute the judgment and the knowledge of a human being in journalism.

On online publications like Politico and Business Insider: Some of them are doing some good stories, but so far I have not seen from any of those the quality of journalism that you get every day, every minute in the WSJ.

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