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Debra Adams Simmons has resigned as Plain Dealer editor to become vice president of news development for Advance Local, a part of Plain Dealer parent Advance Publications.

Debra Adams Simmons

Debra Adams Simmons

The Plain Dealer reports: “She said that her new job — a new position in the company — would focus on producing the best possible journalism and recruiting the top journalists in the country.”

There will be a national search for her replacement.

* Plain Dealer editor is named to new Advance Local position (

Simmons’ memo:


It has been my great privilege to serve as editor and managing editor of The Plain Dealer these past seven years. An extraordinary group of journalists, you have masterfully narrated the Cleveland experience.

Your expertise and considerable talent has helped us hold power accountable, pull back the curtain on corruption, shine light on the failures to protect women, reflect the promise of a more vibrant city, celebrate our institutions and demand policy that improves the quality of life for everyone who calls Northeast Ohio home./CONTINUES Read More

“Thanks to Jeff Bezos,” writes a Seattle journalist, “all the construction in the part of Seattle where KING is located is prompting Gannett to put the building up for sale.”

Gannett’s KING-TV is a stone’s throw from’s new headquarters — “one of the biggest development projects in city history,” according to the New York Times.

KING-TV news director Mark Ginther sent this to his staff earlier this week:

There have been a number of rumors circulating about our future at 333 Dexter Avenue which has been our home.

Let me try to address them.
Real estate in this part of Seattle is in high demand right now. Just in our neighborhood there are numerous construction projects underway. This property is very desirable for people looking to build.

For us, the building is too big. Most of the space we have is not being used. With all the construction in town, there are opportunities for us to move into a more efficient space.

Because of these factors, the building and the land owned by KING in the neighborhood is for sale.

That is all I know. I’m sure there are many questions, the biggest, where would we go? Right now Ray, Sheldon, and the Gannett real estate department are looking at a variety of options. No decisions have been made.

I believe the timeline will be aggressive. My guess would be a move into a different facility in early 2015.

I know for some this is exciting news, but I know for others, it is not. This is been home to a lot of us for a number of years. This is a building loaded with a history of great work and wonderful memories.

Please see me with any of your questions.


* As Amazon stretches, Seattle’s downtown is reshaped (

Update: “We have a syndication deal with Gawker under the Newscred system,” says @newscomauHQ. “The story was republished under that deal.”


“It sickens me to see the work of the good old-fashioned journalists at Gawker ripped off by the traffic-whoring ‘new media’ bloggers of News Corp,” writes Hamilton Nolan, whose Thursday “Myth of the CEO” piece shows up today on the Rupert Murdoch-owned

Nolan tells Romenesko readers: “I don’t usually care about online scraping, but [this site] just takes an entire story, strips out all the links, reprints it whole with no link or permission, and adds its own photos.”

I’ve invited news editor Kate de Brito to comment.

* The myth of the CEO ( | The myth of CEO pay packets (

- Note: I highlighted "schols"

– Note: I highlighted “schols”

* In test score comparison, Indiana charter schols [sic] fall short (

Roger Ebert, who died a year ago today, once wanted to be a police officer.

— h/t Andrew Milner

* “A year ago today, my sweet Roger transitioned out of this world into the next” ( | 4/4/2013: RIP Roger Ebert (
* Roger Ebert and other Urbana youngsters want to help policemen (

* Associated Press photographer Anja Niedringhaus (left) – shot and killed in Afghanistan on Friday –anja “was a vibrant, dynamic journalist well-loved for her insightful photographs, her warm heart and joy for life,” says AP executive editor Kathleen Carroll. AP special correspondent and former AP Afghanistan bureau chief Kathy Gannon was also shot by an Afghan police officer and is in stable condition. ( | ( | (
* Eugene Register-Guard reporter Serena Markstrom Nugent is fired while on pregnancy disability leave. “The unofficial reason the guild was given for her termination was that she had checked her email while on leave and had deleted one or more emails which the company considered destruction of company property,” says a union rep. (
* The Star-Ledger layoffs are great news for Chris Christie. ( | (
* Houston TV news director’s edict: “From this point forward reporters are not to go to a suspect’s house and knock on the door seeking comment.” (
* Reporters aren’t allowed on Temple Square in downtown Salt Lake City during this weekend’s Mormon conference. (
* Watch them online: Jay Rosen, Marty Baron, Jim Bankoff and others are at the International Symposium on Online Journalism. (
* Washington Post’s Dana Priest will teach at the University of Maryland this fall. ( | “Will still be at the Post.” (@danapriest)
* Roy S. Johnson is named director of sports for Alabama Media Group. (
* Google is having trouble trademarking the word “glass.” (
pot* Fusion cable network hires a Chief Cannabis Correspondent. (
* Editor’s note: University of North Carolina professor’s article “was shortened because of the late addition of a quarter-page ad in the Ideas section.” (Who can turn down money?) (
* Noted: The correspondent who wrote the News & Observer’s two Durham Bulls stories Thursday was in “Bull Durham” as a sportswriter. (@RL_Bynum) | Sportswriter Kip Coons on his “Bull Durham” appearance: (