Morning Report for April 7, 2014

* Rutgers athletic director Julie Hermann (right) says it would be “great”rutgers if the Star-Ledger went out of business. She claims “one guy over at the Ledger … he has one mission, that’s to get any AD at Rutgers fired. That’s his hobby.” That guy – columnist Steve Politi – says his hobby is gardening. (
* Ezra Klein‘s debuts. ( | A quote from Klein in the Times’ story was changed. ( | What journalists are saying about Vox. (
* Former Gourmet editor Ruth Reichl says most magazines are dull because editors rely too much on focus groups. (
* “When’s the last time you saw an A1 above-the-fold headline in print that actually revealed something you hadn’t already heard or seen online?” (
* Claim: J-schools don’t make journalism sound very interesting. (
* Even if Toledo Blade staffers were trespassing, “it would not entitle the government to seize cameras and memory cards for an extended time or to delete photographs.” (
* Is Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor buying the Star Tribune for altruistic or for business reasons? “Let’s just say 50/50,” he says. (
* The New York Times “feels like a place with a plan.” (
* GW Hatchet editor-in-chief explains how the paper covers deaths on campus. (“We strive for integrity in our reporting, especially when writing the most difficult stories.”) (
chuck* Legendary Philadelphia journalist Chuck Stone (left) is dead. (
* A real Flight 370 knee-slapper! Paging CNN bookers! (
* What Dan Reimold learned at the 2014 Journalism Interactive conference. (