Morning Report for April 8, 2014

* Vox Media CEO Jim Bankoff (left) may be The Media Mogulbankoff No One Knows – and he’s OK with that. (
* Report: Fox News has the least accurate science coverage, while MSNBC does the best job. (
* New York Times’ Margalit Fox: The obits beat “is perhaps the strangest in American journalism but also one of the very best.” ( | She wrote “the most bad-ass obit ever” in 2012. (
believe* The Times’ David Carr and Dan Barry spoke at a narrative journalism conference in Boston last weekend. What they said: (dankennedy.net0
* Won’t somebody please let Valleywag’s Sam Biddle test-drive a Tesla? (
* Michael Wolff: “I can’t see the Times continuing unless Michael Bloomberg buys it.” ( | (
* Today’s Hartford Courant page one: ( | UConn Daily Campus front page: (@The_DailyCampus)
* Kara Swisher: In its early days, the Internet was treated like a fad by the Wall Street Journal. (
* “My wife tells me I need to read People, so I read People,” says Town & Country editor-in-chief Jay Fielden. (
* SPJ and ONA are revising their ethics codes in very different ways. The latter is doing it right, says Michael Koretzky. (
* Tallahassee Democrat publisher’s pet project gets big play on today’s page one. (Is that the sound of circulation sliding that I hear?) (
* NYT’s standards editor on whom vs. who, cut and dried (not cut and dry) and other matters. (