Morning Report for April 9, 2014

* What Don Graham, Ken Doctor and others say about buying the Anchorage Daily News from McClatchy. (



* Joel Achenbach wonders if what he considers “reporting” is just a form of aggregating. (He concludes, though, he’s not an aggregator. “I was better than that.”) (
* The draft of SPJ’s updated ethics code advises journalists to “aggressively gather and update information as a story unfolds” but says “reporting unconfirmed rumors [is] never permissible.” (
* CNN’s developing a show intended to be viewed and shared on Twitter. (
* Eli Broad still wants to buy the Los Angeles Times. (
* Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter is named to ASME’s Hall of Fame. (
* Roberto Ferdman leaves Quartz to join Washington Post’s Wonkblog. (
* Tampa Bay Times editor Neil Brown is recovering from a heart attack suffered Friday while playing tennis. (
* Ryan Holiday: I feel bad that a writer was fired for plagiarizing me. (
kitten* New newsroom mascot? A kitten was found in the wall of the Shreveport Times building. (* JOBS SECTION: Technology reporter wanted | Seeking web producer/online editor job. (
* Washington Post Magazine’s Second Glance puzzle returns after hundreds complain. (
* A plea to ignore lousy film critics. (
* Someone in Netflix PR needs to learn about BCC. (