Newspaper carrier: You have to put papers on the porch because subscribers are 80

A newspaper carrier from Illinois discussed his job with Howard Stern on Tuesday:

We’ve got people that will make $1,000 [a week] because they’ll have four routes a night. I make $400 plus tips [for working two hours a night]. Everybody complains about, “Oh, we’ve got to throw them on their porch.” Howard, the only people who are buying papers are 80. You *have* to put them on their porch. …You’d be surprised how many of these old people are out on their doorsteps at 6 o’clock if you’re not there. This is their day — this is how they start it.

The carrier also expresses surprise that there are customers who still want the print TV listings.

Listen to the brief exchange, which includes Stern’s tribute to print:

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