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- From a Yale Daily News parody

– From a Yale Daily News parody

record“We aren’t the first to parody a college newspaper,” writes Yale Record chairman Jack Newsham, “but we did do a very good job … and I thought I’d share the parody we produced of The Yale Daily News, in case your readers wanted a laugh this afternoon.

“It’s got some inside jokes, sure, but also some stuff for everybody — mislabeled infographics, a jab at Malcolm Gladwell, an intentionally ham-handed website tie-in at the top of page two. But we did such a good job matching the News’ fonts, nameplate, and style that many students didn’t realize it was a parody, or that we made it, which is the most frustrating kind of flattery.”

Newsham says this is the first parody the Record has done this school year. “We normally print eight magazines a year, but this replaced one of those.” The Record printed 2,150 copies of its Daily News spoof.

* The Yale Daily Record (

Santa Barbara’s KEYT-TV showed footage of last weekend’s Deltopia riot near the University of California, Santa Barbara campus, then told viewers that “we’ll be sharing all that video with the sheriff’s department and the district attorney’s office.”

The Romenesko reader who tipped me off to KEYT’s actions writes: “While posting the video online would make it available to law enforcement as public record, they point out they are volunteering this material to the local authorities. There is no concern about precedent, or being perhaps viewed as agents of law enforcement with their actions.”

KEYT-TV’s cozying up to law enforcement didn’t end there, though. Its newsroom staffers posted “WANTED” tweets (“We captured his face on cam. See if you recognize him”) and asked viewers to help catch “Sheriff Brown’s #1 suspect.”

My tipster writes: “This was one of the most public displays of cooperation with law enforcement I have seen from a station.”

KEYT's Victoria Sanchez (left): Dad is police chief; KEYT's Paula Lopez: Husband is county judge

KEYT’s Victoria Sanchez (left): Dad is police chief; KEYT’s Paula Lopez: Husband is county judge

But that’s not surprising, considering this: Victoria Sanchez, the reporter covering the riot, is the daughter of Santa Barbara chief of police Camerino Sanchez, while KEYT news anchor Paula Lopez is married to Santa Barbara County Judge Frank Ochoa.

KEYT-TV news director Jim Lemon tells me he decided to give the video to the sheriff and D.A. because “I knew I was going to get subpoenaed.”

“I thought it’s better to be upfront about what you’re going to do” and tell viewers the station is giving up the footage.

“I’ve had a few folks ask if we’re an arm of law enforcement, but the answer is no.”

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“Nice of this Hearst newsletter to promote an Esquire show called ‘Knife Fight’ directly above a teaser for the school stabbings in Pennsylvania,” writes Romenesko reader Rob O’Regan.

- From today's Hearstlink newsletter

– From today’s Hearstlink newsletter

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