Morning Report for April 10, 2014

* Rupert Murdoch sees the New York Post as a digital-only publication in 10 years. Regarding his MySpace acquisition:murdoch “I think that was one of our great screwups of all time.” (
* U.S. Justice Department is taking a look at a deal made by Salt Lake City’s two newspapers. (
* Savannah Morning News journalists get a $100 bonus if they meet pageview goals. (
* “Staying home all day is severely overrated,” says Baltimore Sun’s Jon Fogg, who took time off after being beaten in a robbery. “Next time you wish you didn’t have to work, think again.” (
* Small business owners complain about positive reviews vanishing with the Yahoo-Yelp deal. (
* Why do newspapers ban swear words? (
* Michael Kinsley: “Most newspapers aren’t very good and wouldn’t be missed by anybody who could get The New York Times or USA Today and some bloggy source of local news.” (
* Cokie Roberts says there are plenty of women on Sunday talk shows. (
* Newspaper owner Aaron Kushner says his new Los Angeles paper has a “10-year-plus” business plan. (
* Any billionaires interested in the San Jose Mercury News? (
ted* Toledo Blade gets complaints about Ted Nugent (left) performing at a newspaper event. (
* Brian McGrory: “At the [Boston] Globe, more than three quarters of our revenue still comes through the door based on our print product.” (
* Report: Eureka (CA) Times-Standard is outsourcing its copyediting and page design. (
* The country’s last news council is shutting down. Washington News Council “helped a lot of people who were damaged by media malpractice,” says its executive director. (