Morning Report for April 11, 2014

* mocked print journalism for years before buying a print newspaper, says Anchorage Press. (
* Daily Kent Stater editor apologizes for his reporter’s fabrication, which “was the result of a reporter who didn’t understand the magnitude of what he was doing.” (
* New Orleans Times-Picayune gives a judge “voluminous” information about two of its commenters. (
letter* Meet the woman who’s had more than 200 letters published in the New York Times. (
* Noted: Michael Wolff‘s been wrong quite a few times. (
* Gawker criticizes The Huffington Post’s “Casualties of War” chart … and it’s taken down.
* Kyle Smith: “Millions of conservatives won’t be watching” Stephen Colbert. (You think they were watching left-leaning Letterman?) (
* Salt Lake Tribune cuts eight newsroom positions and eliminates its stand-alone Faith section. (
* Roanoke Times’ asbestos removal is under investigation. (
* Ezra Klein defends HuffPo’s “What time is the Super Bowl?” post. (
* Mormon Church’s Temple Square reporter ban not so bad? (
* The first black journalist to cover a White House press conference is honored. (
* No giant banjo statue after all: “We were hoaxed by a normally reliable source,” says business editor. (
* Dan Rather: “My biggest mistake was not leaving the anchor chair sooner than I did.” (
* Former Businessweek media writer Jon Fine is named Inc. executive editor. (
* St. Petersburg blogger defends his post about Tampa Bay Times editor’s heart attack. (
box* Jeff Bezos tells shareholders: “Our battle against annoying wire ties and plastic clamshells rages on.” (
* JOBS SECTION: Technology reporter wanted | Seeking web producer/online editor job. (
* Peekster app scans print headlines and brings up a digital version. (