Rutgers columnist blasts classmate for writing about athletic director’s classroom talk

The Rutgers student who wrote about athletic director Julie Hermann telling a journalism class that it “would be great” if the Star-Ledger went under did it because he craves attention, according to a Rutgers sports columnist.
“He and his website shall remain nameless,” writes James Stumper Jr. — I’ll tell you, though: his name is Simon Galperin and his website is — but “I can assure you that the disputed quote regarding Hermann’s dislike of the Ledger was said with no malicious intent, at least from my perspective.”

Stumper says the athletic director “is a big girl” who has “handled much worse than this, and she’ll get through it.” But he predicts “she will never come in to a class as a guest speaker again.” (If she’s in fact the “big girl” you claim she is, James, she’ll return to the journalism classroom.)

Stumper continues:

It saddens me as a Rutgers student that one of my classmates would take this learning opportunity and use it to fulfill his own agenda — and for what? To tell the world something everyone already knew? If you were surprised by the fact that Hermann isn’t a fan of The Star Ledger, come sit down … I have to tell you something about Santa Claus.

Simon Galperin

Simon Galperin

“Fulfill his own agenda”? Galperin simply did what journalists do: share newsworthy comments made by a public figure. (I contacted Galperin earlier in the week and asked how students reacted to Hermann’s remark about the Star-Ledger dying. He refused to tell me, insisting that “that’s not relevant.” Actually, it is, Simon. I then contacted someone who heard the tape of Hermann’s talk and was told it “sounded like polite laughter in the background.” Rutgers lecturer Bruce Reynolds, who invited Hermann to speak to his class, did not respond to an email I sent on Monday.)

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Update: The student columnist is taking some hits on my Facebook page.