Morning Report for April 15, 2014

* It was “idiotic” for the Pulitzer judges not to give a feature-writing prize, says Daniel Okrent. “The notion that there was no prize-quality feature-writing this year doesn’t imply there’s anything wrong with feature writing; it just suggests there’s something wrong with the prize committee.” (
* Jay Rosen: “No prize for the network of journalists and newsrooms that brought the surveillance story forward.” (
sig* Sig Gissler (left), administrator of the journalism prizes, refuses to channel Joseph Pulitzer. (
* Surprise! People don’t rush out to buy newspapers just because they’re Pulitzer-winners. (
* Sorry, Pulitzer winners, but we’ll quickly forget that you got the prize. (
* University of Missouri-St. Louis student government sticks with its decision to cut newspaper funding. (
* Scott Smith: “People who bemoan lack of comment sections are Web 1.0 folks who remember when comments were discussions, not digital cross-burnings.” (
* John Cook, editor-in-chief of Pierre Omidyar‘s The Intercept, is looking to hire journalists who are fast, not white, and not male. (
* A California newspaper publisher – the guy who lifted a Michael Sam commentary a few months ago – faces a $5,000 fine for running misleading political ads. (
* Akron Beacon Journal is the only news organization that’s staying on top of the Kent State documents-shredding story. (
* Ryan Chittum on USA Today’s clickbait. (“I counted 12 bylines in one day from one reporter.”) (
* adds what it calls “premium” video content to its home page. ( | Jeff Jarvis: “Aol premium video? Looks like cable leftovers: meatloaf TV.” (@jeffjarvis)
* Looking for a scent critic? Michael Perry‘s your man. (