Claim: Newspaper reporter is no longer the worst job

worstCareerCast is out with its latest best/worst jobs listings. Newspaper reporting – ranked the worst job out of 200 occupations last year – is in the 199th slot this year.

191. Corrections officer
192. Firefighter
193. Garbage collector
194. Flight attendent
195. Head cook
196. Broadcaster
197. Taxi driver
198. Enlisted military personnel
199. Newspaper reporter (“A job that has lost its luster dramatically over the past five years is expected to plummet even further [-13%] by 2022 as more and more print publications abandon operations.”)
200. Lumberjack

CAREERCAST’S TOP TEN JOBS: Mathematician; tenured university professor; statistician; actuary; audiologist; dental hygienist; software engineer; computer systems analyst; occupational therapist; and speech pathologist.

CareerCast publisher Tony Lee explains why the reporting job moved up a notch: The work environment for lumberjacks “got a little worse,” while it stayed the same for reporters. Also, pay for lumberjacks declined more than it did for reporters.

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