[UPDATED] ‘Fo Shizzle’ makes its Times Puzzle debut

Update: New York Times crossword editor Will Shortz tells me he doesn’t understand the point of Mark Fitzgerald’s tweet below. What was “weird” about using FO’ SHIZZLE? he asks.

It’s true that it’s dated language. But then so are HEP, RAD, EGAD, and other old-fashioned terms, which appear in crosswords all the time. The key is to clue things like these in similarly dated ways. For example, FO’ SHIZZLE was clued as “Definitely, dawg!,” which is a contemporaneous way of saying approximately the same thing.

Fitzgerald’s response is in Comments.

From the Times WordPlay blog: “FO’ SHIZZLE makes its debut today, even though, technically speaking, it is so last decade.”

From the Puzzle Constructor’s Notes: “I’m pleased with this puzzle, and I hope you are, too. Fo’shizzle.”

Crossword Fiend objects!

* Notes on Friday’s New York Times Crossword Puzzle (nytimes.com)
* Commenter: “For sure I have never heard that expression” (nytimes.com)