Morning Report for April 21, 2014

* Daily Mail hed: No questions asked; the story: questions were asked. (
* NBC had a psychological consultant interview David Gregory‘s friends and wife “to get perspective and insight from people who know him best.” (
* Toronto Star ombud: Are dashes in swear words “a coy and quaint standard of the past or an ongoing mark of respect for readers?” (
* Justice Antonin Scalia says the court’s New York Times vs. Sullivan ruling “was wrong … It was revising the Constitution.” (
* A good news/bad news week at the Philadelphia Inquirer. (
* Vox, FiveThirtyEight and The Intercept explained. (
* Religion News Service announces the closings of Faith & Values sites in Hartford, Spokane, and Toledo.
* CNN wonders if the Klan can rebrand itself. (
* A labor reporter laid off from In These Times asks for donations to keep him on the Volkswagen beat. (@MikeElk)
* Slate Plus – a $5/month or $50/year membership program – “enables our most committed readers and listeners to get an enhanced Slate experience, while supporting the work we do,” says editor David Plotz. (
* Because of light-rail tracks near Minnesota Public Radio’s building, “the floor is vibrating, the ceiling is shaking, the structure is making noise, and that affects the recordings.” (
* Hartford Courant editorial cartoonist Bob Englehart writes about his “unique childhood” and love for NASCAR in a new book. (
* ICYMI: A reporter live-tweeted the resurrection of Jesus on Sunday. (@philtvnews)