Wrong Rooney, TV newsreaders!

Jimmy Kimmel has video clips showing news anchors across the U.S. reporting the death of actor “Andy” Rooney.

Fox 11 Los Angeles: “Andy Rooney, the pint-sized anchor who was giant on stage and screen, has died.”

Mickey Rooney (left) and Andy Rooney

Mickey Rooney (left) and Andy Rooney

From other stations’ reports:

* “We’re going to look back at actor Andy Rooney’s career.”

* “Andy Rooney received an Academy award.”

* “You know, I grew up with Andy Rooney.”

* “Andy Rooney dies at 93”

Kimmel wraps up his segment with a clip of Andy Rooney saying, “I hate it when that happens!”

Andy Rooney died on November 11, 2011. He was 92. Mickey died on April 6. He was 93.

* Reporters confused about Mickey Rooney’s death (youtube.com)