Morning Report for April 22, 2014

* New York Times’ just-launched The Upshot “will be conversationalupshot without being dumbed down.” ( | David Leonhardt explains why we need another explainer site. (
* Times op-ed columnists assessed. (Three have to go, says Alex Pareene.) (
* It’s incredible that SCOTUSblog can’t get credentials to cover the Supreme Court. “We’re certainly not giving up,” says publisher Tom Goldstein. (
* Aaron Sorkin wishes for a “Newsroom” do-over. (
* The newspaper industry’s digital ad revenue is actually below where it was in 2007 in real terms, notes Ryan Chittum. (
* “No student has ever been attacked or threatened while out reporting” for a free monthly paper that covers the South Bronx. (
* Tom Brokaw says what we all know: The Sunday morning talk shows aren’t what they used to be. (
* A student at Chicago’s Roosevelt University drives four hours each way to anchor weekend newscasts in Lima, Ohio. (
* A former city editor recalls Ken Bunting: “He’d make a U-turn on a one-way street if he saw a story over his shoulder.” (
* The “Pervert Dave” story. ( | Earlier: The death notice doesn’t explain his nickname. (
* A new SEC filing discloses that Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes‘ total compensation in 2013 was $32.5 million. (
* Don’t take away my Aereo TV, dammit! ( | Earlier: My break-up with Comcast. (
* Indeed: “It’s worth double-checking what the URL shortener comes up with.” (@malcolmmw)