Evening Report for April 23, 2014

* At the Washington Post, “we’re investing again and building a digital future for news,” says publisher Katharine Weymouth. (usatoday.com)
* Celebrity wedding news breaks in an Auburn journalism classroom and the professor is left with “a sinking feeling.” (thewareaglereader.com)
* At Bloomberg, “people are perplexed about how they let [design guru Richard Turley] get away.” (capitalnewyork.com)
* McClatchy loses $5.9 million in the first quarter. The CEO says the chain’s revenue decline of 2.7% – an improvement over 2013’s 4% decline – is “a meaningful result.” (sacbee.com)
phil* Can philanthropy save journalism? Or will it only distract the press from independent oversight of the public interest? (philanthropyroundtable.org)
* Felix Salmon explains why he’s joining Fusion. (medium.com)
* Reports that John Henry might sell the Worcester Telegram & Gazette to Halifax Media are “alarming.” (wgbhnews.org)
* Hillman Prize winners include the Palm Beach Post, The New Republic, and CNN. (hillmanfoundation.org)
* Garrett Graff is out as Washingtonian editor. (huffingtonpost.com)
* Claim: “You CAN write a gossip column with integrity.” (gawker.com)
* Cops in Bainbridge Island, Washington, gut their police blotter. (Sue ’em!) (insidebainbridge.com)
* OK, I won’t: “Please do not apply if you are not ok with the rate of 1 cent per word (maximum).” (elance.com)