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* Jill Abramson: “I don’t see a gender difference in how you make editorial calls.” (
cedar* The so-called independent paper at an Ohio Christian College has been “forcefully shut down” by the administration. ( | Farewell from the Cedarville University student editor. (
* Philadelphia guild drops its plan to bid for the city’s dailies. (AP via
* Quentin Tarantino‘s lawsuit against Gawker is dismissed. (
* Ladies Home Journal will become a newsstand-only special interest quarterly. (
* Lucky denies reports that it’s folding. (
* George Stephanopoulos has a new deal with ABC News. (
* Business journalist Russ Mitchell is joining the Los Angeles Times as technology editor. (Memo)
* NBC News boss stands by David Gregory. (
* Facebook’s new FB Newswire targets Twitter. ( | (
* Vice correspondent Simon Ostrovsky has been released after being held by pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine. (
* If your dog just saved you after a choking spell, please call the city desk. (

UPDATE: Laura Hollingsworth says in an email that “this whole thing was so taken out of context by local competitors trying to make it something it wasn’t. …I never in any way talked about firing people for example.” She sent me a transcript of her talk and I’ve posted excerpts after the jump.


Laura Hollingsworth, who was named Tennessean publisher last May after leading the Des Moines Register for nearly seven years, recently told Tennessee business leaders and owners:

Gannett veteran Laura Hollingsworth

Gannett veteran Laura Hollingsworth

* She’s had to make “tough decisions” and fire employees who resist change after working in newspapers “a long, long time.”

* “We’ve got to aggressively hire new skill sets and new talents, and take risks with people when they’re younger. And they don’t need to spend 10 years in the business to get their first promotion.”

* “I happen to be in an industry that used to be called the newspaper industry. I’m not sure we know what it’s called today.”

* “I’ve been unwelcome many places. And I have an editor who handles his team a little less eloquently: he says (if) you don’t like change, you’re going to really hate extinction.”

* “[Gannett’s] customer service experience has not been a good one, we recognize it. We’re not quite Comcast, but we’re close.”

* Tennessean publisher shares challenges facing the news industry (

Excepts of the speech – from the transcript provided by Hollingsworth – are after the jump. Read More


From CEO Noah Blumenthal’s recent TEDxUNLV talk:

I recently Googled the word newscaster. Of the top 5 results numbers 3 and 4 were Wikipedia. Here were the other 3 results.

#1 – Top 10: Hot Newscasters

#2 – Top 25 Most Sexy Newscasters of All Time

#5 – Newscasters Who Accidentally Went Insane on Live TV

It seems we’re looking for more than just news from our newscasters. Unfortunately our challenge is bigger than hot, sexy, insane newscasters.

The transcript of Blumenthal’s talk is after the jump. Read More

“My lay-off [from the Chicago Tribune five years ago Wednesday] was a symptom of what was going on throughout the established news media in the face of unprecedented competition,” writes Patrick Reardon.

Pat Reardon and his manual typewriter

Patrick Reardon in the mid-1980s

“Newspapers shrank. They narrowed their focus. The Tribune cut its foreign and national bureaus, raised its newsstand and home delivery prices, enticed older workers to accept buyouts and laid off more than 100 staffers. Including me.”

He’s optimistic about journalism, though.

I like the opportunity that the Internet gives to people with a passion for reporting.

Anyone can start a blog, and, if you’re supplying interesting, accurate and relevant information, you’ll attract readers.

No question, you may not make much money. Or any money.

Still, I think there will continue to be people who are on fire with a desire to learn about what’s happening and to tell others what they’ve found. Unlike me, they won’t have a massive news operation at their backs and paying their salaries.

* My lay-off and the golden age of journalism (

Civitas Media, owner of 35 daily newspapers, regularly publishes major collaborative projects. It ran an Obamacare package in its papers in late 2013, and a heroin three-parter in March.
Next up for Civitas: “Selfies.”

At least one of the chain’s journalists isn’t happy about that. She writes: “How can I expect readers to pay for a paper that has been in existence for [nearly a century] when we’re running a mandated article on the art of the selfie? … I don’t want a story on selfies (with reader submitted art of course) to run next to a story I may have spent weeks on. I believe this is belittling to both my readers and my fellow journalists. Stories on selfies have their place, but not on my front page.”

The memo:

April 17, 2014

Content Directors/Managers:

Civitas Media will be publishing a company-wide project in mid-May, which will feature a trending pop culture topic: Selfies.

All Civitas newspapers will run the feature, which will be available Friday, May 16 and may be run any day through May 23.

Each newspaper will be provided with a skeleton story on selfies and will be expected to add local content for readers. The skeleton story will be written by one of my staff in Ohio and will include obvious breaks for your reporters to fill with local content. Each newspaper also will provide a local photo (see below) for the project./CONTINUES Read More

Why hyphens matter

* Oxnard (CA) Police Department release ( | Via George Foulsham

Also from
* The Bainbridge Island police blotter is back – with even more information
* Earlier: Bainbridge Island cops gut the police blotter

* A Florida high school journalism teacher tells his newspaper editor she can’t write about medical marijuana legislation. He says the paper is a “mouthpiece” for the school and that type of article “does not fit our audience.” (
* Fourteen of the 52 former Thunderdome editorial staffers have new jobs. (
backdrop* Miami TV station: Someone died, but just look at that amazing backdrop! (@NewsDeskChica) | h/t Bill Cooke
* Poor Forbes! It appears nobody wants the magazine. (
* New York Times Co. reports first-quarter profit of $22 million vs. $28 million in the same period a year ago. ( | (
* Philadelphia Inquirer journalists would “rather win a Pulitzer than win 20,000 new readers. And that’s a disease,” says digital strategist Robert Cauthorn. (
* Jon Stewart to Sean Hannity: “My God, you’re the Arby’s of news.” (
* Los Angeles Times loses Jessica Garrison to BuzzFeed. She’s joining the investigative team. (| (
* Oh no, Time! (Barak Obama?) (@evanasmith)
* Columbia Daily Spectator is expected to become a print weekly starting in the fall. (