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A Delaware judge ruled Friday afternoon that Philadelphia’s dailies will be sold at an ascending-bid auction open only to insiders no later than May 28, 2014. The decision is a victory for Inquirer and Daily News co-owner George Norcross.
Lewis Katz, another owner, wanted the papers and to be sold at a sealed-bid auction open to anyone.

Norcross’s spokesman sends this statement:

We are pleased that Vice Chancellor Parsons has agreed that the best way to end the IGM partnership is through a members only sale process, just as the original agreement stipulated. We are also pleased that he has agreed that the bidding process should be open and transparent and that it should be done quickly.

Mr. Norcross looks forward to the bidding process and, if he is successful, restarting the progress the company was making before being derailed by this litigation.

* Judge says Philly papers to be sold to insiders (AP via


The NRA convention is being held in Indianapolis this weekend, and the Gannett-owned Star is all over it.

The paper’s Facebook page banner is a photo of the Convention Center sign, noting that the NRA event has “9 Acres of Guns and Gear.” Just below that is the paper’s post about Indianapolis’s 50th homicide.

On Twitter, the Star is telling readers to post photos of their weapons with the #ShowUsYourGuns hashtag. Some are doing that, while a good number of people are protesting the paper’s request.

“I don’t think #ShowUsYourGuns is the appropriate hashtag to use considering all of the shootings in the area,” writes @NickRevell317.

“Shame on you for this inane hashtag,” writes Andrew J. Bailey. “Kudos to those who are using it to show ‘proud’ gun owners/users (some NRA members) like Adam Lanza.” (The Star’s response: “Andrew. It’s not our intention to do anything but to start conversations that will hopefully make our community better.”)

Even @WillMcAvoyACN chimes in: “I usually like the @indystar, but I don’t think the #ShowUsYourGuns idea is a particularly well thought out one.”

I’ve asked Star editor Jeff Taylor and reporter Cori Faklaris – here she is with her gun – about the hashtag and reaction to it.

UPDATE: Star editor Jeff Taylor’s response:

We have more than 70,000 visitors in our city for the NRA national meeting this weekend and, as part of our coverage, were trying to engage with that audience.

Jeff Taylor

Jeff Taylor

In no way did we intend to appear insensitive to the serious problems of gun violence and homicides in Indianapolis. We have devoted significant resources to providing extensive coverage of those issues and the devastating impact on families and neighborhoods, and will continue to do so — along with providing forums for an important dialogue on how to address those problems.

Our efforts today were aimed at interacting and providing a destination for conversation among our many local readers and visitors who own guns responsibly and consider them an identifying part of their life.

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But your columnist’s name is Shryock…not Shyrock

-- South Jersey Times misspells its veteran columnist's name - again

— South Jersey Times misspells its veteran columnist’s name – again

Bob Shryock has been with the South Jersey Times for 40 years and the paper still has troubles spelling his name. In fact, so many people misspell it that he titled his collection of columns, “It’s Shryock – Not Shyrock.”

He writes today:

Kudos to prolific feature writer par excellence Kelly Roncace for her flattering story about my career, and the signing, on page A-10 of Tuesday’s paper.

Kelly joined the ranks of those who have difficulty with my name by misspelling Shryock three times in the story. No one on the desk caught it, either.

He says he laughed at the errors, which have been corrected online

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