Oops! South Jersey Times misspells its columnist’s name three times in one story

But your columnist’s name is Shryock…not Shyrock

-- South Jersey Times misspells its veteran columnist's name - again

— South Jersey Times misspells its veteran columnist’s name – again

Bob Shryock has been with the South Jersey Times for 40 years and the paper still has troubles spelling his name. In fact, so many people misspell it that he titled his collection of columns, “It’s Shryock – Not Shyrock.”

He writes today:

Kudos to prolific feature writer par excellence Kelly Roncace for her flattering story about my career, and the signing, on page A-10 of Tuesday’s paper.

Kelly joined the ranks of those who have difficulty with my name by misspelling Shryock three times in the story. No one on the desk caught it, either.

He says he laughed at the errors, which have been corrected online

* “Shyrock” will probably end up on my tombstone (nj.com)