Afternoon Report for April 29, 2014

That’s precious, Poynter!

- From a Poynter post today

– From a Poynter post today (rushed to get it online?)

* That wasn’t quite my reaction to Poynter’s post, but… (@EthanMagoc)
* The journalists deciding who should get SCOTUS credentials “have been as open as Chick-fil-A on Sunday.” ( | Why Chick-fil-A is closed on Sundays. (
* Harper’s boss Rick MacArthur quits the Columbia Spectator board over the decision to kill the daily print edition. (
* Fashion critic Robin Givhan returns to the Washington Post. ( | NewsBeast just a bad dream for her? (@GrahamDavidA)
* Iowa ACLU honors three high school journalists for their editorial about a racy tweet. (
* “More people are on CNBC talking about Twitter than are on Twitter.” (@PeterLauria3) | Twitter user growth disappoints. (
* Jay Rosen on Vox, The Upshot and the other new sites: “They all have promise. They all have problems. I try to understand them, but I don’t try to predict what is going to happen.” (
* Something for Don Draper to check out during his down time. (“This blog got a lot of traffic – and some debate,” writes Charlotte Observer’s research librarian.) (
* Michael Barone, David Brooks, Campbell Brown, Paul Gigot and Ramesh Ponnuru were among those at last month’s super-secret luxury resort retreat for right-wingers. (
* Robert McCormick’s daughter says she’s “appalled” by John Jeremiah Sullivan’s recent New York Times Magazine cover story. (
* “Craig Ferguson‘s audience was small but intense.” (Angle yet to be explored: He won the stoner demo because of his quirky humor.) (
* Denver Post staffer tweets after being laid off: “Good thing I didn’t take one of my kids to work today!!! Lol. But it might be good lesson on “job security.” #FighterStillRemains” (