McClatchy-Tribune News Service says it won’t follow the AP’s new style on state names

This went out to McClatchy-Tribune News Service subscribers early Wednesday afternoon:

Hi everyone,

We thought you’d want to know that MCT had decided not to follow AP’s new style, beginning Thursday, of spelling out the names of states in stories. This advisory will be moving on the wire shortly:

BC-STATE-ABBREVIATIONS-ADVISORY:MCT — wire, managing editors (150 words)

McClatchy-Tribune News Service


The McClatchy-Tribune News Service has decided to continue to abbreviate state names in the body of stories and will not follow the change in AP style to spell them out beginning Thursday.

Continuing to abbreviate them will make the style consistent with datelines, headlines, captions, lists, tables and especially short-form identification of political party affiliations.

We appreciate the feedback that we received from some 50 subscribers and contributors representing more than 140 publications. The majority of them also plan to continue to abbreviate state names in stories, including many of our largest contributors.

We will follow the AP style of not abbreviating eight states: Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Maine, Ohio, Texas and Utah.

Also, no state abbreviation is necessary if the state is the same as the dateline.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact McClatchy-Tribune Information Services Deputy Editor Wes Albers at and/or News Service Editor Karen Kirk at

* AP to start spelling out state names in stories (