Reviewing the movie reviewers

They love everything!

Just try to get a thumbs-up from them!
haters claims Steve Persall of Poynter’s Tampa Bay Times is the least discerning film critic in America. “But the lack of discernment might not be his fault,” the editors note. “To his credit, as Persall himself wrote in a review of Kevin James’ Zookeeper, he might simply love everything because he lives in Tampa, and ‘it’s just too hot outside for anything in air-conditioning to disappoint.'”

Persall tells Romenesko readers: “I am pleased to be included in such fine company at the top/bottom of any list, even one without much validity.”

The Wall Street Journal’s Joe Morgenstern — dubbed “the biggest hater” by — “disagrees with his fellow critics—and average moviegoers—more than anyone else.”

Morgenstern tells us: “I think I’d better let my reviews speak for themselves.”

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