Norwich Bulletin fires sports reporter who fabricated high school coach’s quotes

This ran in Thursday’s Norwich Bulletin print edition sports section. It was not online.


Last week, a local high school coach notified The Bulletin that quotes attributed to him in a game story that appeared in our paper and website were not his.notes He said that he had never spoken to the sports reporter. The reporter has admitted that he fabricated the quotes, and he is no longer employed at The Bulletin.

Our readers need to know that what we present in our pages and online is completely accurate and fair, and has been thoroughly reviewed by our reporters and editors. GateHouse Media, the parent company of The Bulletin, has a clear ethics policy that has been in place for years and on which all staff members are trained. As a result of this incident, we will be reviewing our quality assurance procedures.

Still, there are times when we fall short. When that happens, we need to own it, correct it and alert readers as fast as possible. And, in rare circumstances, such as last week, go even further.

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I’ve asked Konrad about the dismissed reporter’s fabrication excuse and how long he’d worked at the paper. I’ve also asked why the note wasn’t online.