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Profs at the Indiana University School of Journalism surveyed 1,080 journalists and found:

* Job satisfaction went from 33.3% of journalists who said they were “very satisfied” with their job in 2002, to 23.3% in 2013.
* Six in ten say their newsrooms have shrunk during the past year, while only 13.2% report newsroom growth.
* Just over 80% agree that social media helps promote them and their work, but only 25% say that it improves their productivity.
* The number of minority journalists working for the U.S. news media has decreased from 9.5% in 2002 to 8.5% in 2013.
* In the latest survey, the median age of full-time U.S. journalists increased by six years to 47 from 2002’s poll.
* Fewer journalists say that concentrating on news that’s of interest to “the widest possible audience” is extremely important.

* The American journalist in the digital age (

The findings are summarized in a release after the jump. Read More

Some Berkeley journalism students tried for months to get FiveThirtyEight founder Nate Silver to meet with them during his visit to campus over the weekend, but were told by events-booker Cal Performances that “he will not be available.”


Nate Silver

That changed, though.

“He met with 11 students for 15 minutes before his talk on Sunday,” says j-student Mihir Zaveri. “Guess he was on a very busy schedule. But it was a good 15 minutes, he happily answered our questions, and his talk afterward [to the campus-wide audience] was also good.”

* Earlier: Berkeley j-students request some time with Nate Silver (

Newton Daily News editor Bob Eschliman complained on his personal blog last week that “the LGBTQXYZ crowd and the Gaystapo” are trying to reword the Bible “to make their sinful nature ‘right with God.'”

He took the post down and said nothing more about it. He’s also declined to publish “Gaystapo”-related letters from readers, according to former staffers. They want the Shaw Media-owned Iowa paper to issue an apology to “restore the credibility of this newspaper.”

Here’s their letter to Shaw Media:

The Newton community deserves apology from community newspaper



As former members of the Newton Daily News staff, we are concerned that management has not acknowledged the discovery of our former Editor-in-Chief Bob Eschliman’s lack of basic journalistic ethical principles.

Over the last several days, not only have the thousands of readers across Jasper County been denied the apology that they deserve, but the Newton Daily News has made a conscious decision to not publish fair and well-reasoned letters to the editor on the matter./CONTINUES Read More


* Schedule for Aspen Institute’s New York Ideas Forum (

A former Worcester Telegram & Gazette employee writes: “It has been a long-standing retiree benefit going back for decades that retirees get free paper delivery and online access.”

Too bad for them that the perk is ending. The paper, which Red Sox owner John Henry is trying to sell, sent letters to retirees on May 1 that said “the changing nature of the print business requires that we begin to charge you the employee rate if you want to continue print delivery of the Telegram & Gazette.”tg

Retirees are told they’ll have to pay $179.40 for a one-year print-only subscription.

My unhappy tipster writes: “Thank heavens the pension liabilities stayed with New York Times when they sold to John Henry. Are they that hard up?”

I’ve invited T&G circulation director Anthony Simollardes to comment. He wrote the no-more-free-papers letter.

The Boston Globe, which is also owned by Henry, ended its free deal for retirees a long time ago, a spokesperson says. They get the employee discount.

Are there papers that still have the freebie deal for retirees? Let us know in comments.


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Speaking fees compared

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– From University of Florida’s Alligator

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“Deleted at the request of CBS News”

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