Daily Archives: May 7, 2014 had a brief item last weekend about a vendor selling t-shirts that insulted Montreal Canadiens defenseman P.K. Subban.
The unbylined three-graf piece noted that “while the shirt is not nearly as offensive as some of the tweets [about Subban] from Thursday night, this seems to continue to shine a negative light on Boston’s ability to lose with class.”’s photo of the t-shirts was credited to news editor Hilary Sargent, so she was targeted by the vendors, apparently unhappy with the coverage. (She says she didn’t write the short post.) Even though she’s called “a bad journalist,” Sargent wants one of the shirts and “will pay top dollar” for it. “Check Kenmore sq.,” she was advised. “They were hanging on a couple carts.”

That’s her intern’s assignment for tonight.

* Looks like the shirt vendors didn’t like being written about (@christharp)
* Insulting Subban shirt on sale near Fenway Park (

“Erections from 30 Minutes – 2 Hours”
Publisher Howard Greenberg says the ad was not supposed to run on A1. “It was an honest mistake. The ad was supposed to be in sports, where it normally runs. Erectile dysfunction is not a new revenue source for us [on page one]. It was an honest, embarrassing mistake.”

* “This is a newspaper, not an alt-weekly,” says the local alt-weekly (
* Whatever happened to the family newspaper? (
* Here’s a PDF of today’s Sun Sentinel front page (

A few weeks ago I posted a Romenesko Journalism Jobs page ad for the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR), which is looking for someone to produce its monthly magazine. I called AANR this morning to see if any of my readers applied.

“Hundreds!” said executive director assistant Catherine Hendrickson.

“Some of them were very funny. They wanted to know if they’d have to work in the nude.” (Journalists can report naked while on assignment at clubs, she said, but it’s preferred they wear clothes in the office.)

She said most applications from the Romenesko Jobs page ad were from people in their mid-20s to late-30s. “I had them from Arizona to New York to Chicago to California.” (She doesn’t have a gender breakdown yet.)

Many of the applicants requested to work remotely, she said, but AANR wants an editor who in their Florida office. The ad only appeared on the Romenesko Jobs page — it brought in 320 applications — and on the AANR website.

AANR has a new executive director, and he’ll be selecting the new editor “within the next few months.”

* Romenesko’s Journalism Jobs (the AANR ad has expired)

* “Chrysler gave journalists the option of donating their tablets to United Way for Southeastern Michigan if accepting this gift didn’t jibe with their company’s ethics and gifts policies.” (
* A fan of Wall Street Journal’s “brilliant” editorials claims the news side is filled with “far-left liberal reporters.” (@TBraithwaite) | Journal editor-in-chief Gerard Baker takes questions from readers. (
* Bloomberg News tried to hire New York Times managing editor Dean Baquet. (
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* A BuzzFeed IPO down the road? It’s possible, says its chairman. (
* A conservative Time editor – hired from the Wall Street Journal last year – was behind the republishing of a Princeton student’s screed about white privilege. (
* In JOBS: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette seeks a creative front-end web developer. (Romenesko Jobs)
* A Washington Post editorial writer is disappointed that a colleague sent me and City Paper yesterday’s cafeteria-closing memo. (
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* Jet Magazine kills its print edition. “We are embracing the future” by going digital-only. (
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* A federal judge wonders why a TV reporter who covered crime couldn’t figure out that her boyfriend was laundering money. ( | The host of “Taking Action Against Crime” was dabbling in crime herself. (
* Toronto Star reporters stage a byline strike to protest a two-tiered pay structure. ( | (@sladurantaye)
* The editor of the Two Buckaroo blog tries to “wrap my head around the sociolinguistic transformation of [queer as a] ‘three-dollar bill’ to ‘two-dollar bill.'” (
* Chicago Newspaper Guild launches Working Journalists. “The idea is to welcome visual journalists, reporters, bloggers, editors, designers and any other freelance media worker.” (