New York Post drops its comics section (and a few people notice)

The Post's strips.

The Post’s strips.

“Is it true that the @nypost dropped the comics page?” tweeted @Tomversation. “I mean it was only about 7 comics [at the right] and not a full page, all small and in b&w, but still.”

Yes, Tom, it’s true.

“It caught everyone by surprise,” King Features comics editor Brendan Burford tells me. “We got zero notice.”

King, which sold three comics to the Post, was told of the move on Tuesday – the day the strips vanished. (The paper had only seven strips; King sold “Mallard Fillmore,” “Rhymes with Orange,” and “Dennis the Menace” to the Post.)

The Post hasn’t explained why it killed the section, says Burford, and King is trying to get the strips back into the paper.

“Our conversation is ongoing. …I would be shocked if they’re not hearing from readers” about the missing comics. (There’s not much of an outcry on Twitter.)

I called the Post newsroom this afternoon and was told the only comment would come from spokesperson Suzi Halpin. Her office at Rubenstein Communications said she’d only answer questions via email; she’s received mine.

What do you know about this, Post people? Please send me an email.

Update: “Rhymes with Orange” creator Hilary Price tells me she learned from a fan that her strip and others had been dropped by the Post. The fan wrote her: “I emailed them, and they gave me a cryptic message about the cost of running them.”

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