LA Weekly writer: ‘I’ve been convinced that I’m wrong’ about texting while driving

- From this week's LA Weekly (I crossed out the words)

– From this week’s LA Weekly (I crossed out the words)

LA Weekly commenters lashed out at Hillel Aron for confessing that he texts while driving — and he’s not sorry for doing it.

One wrote: “When you eventually do tear through a school zone or run over somebody’s grandmother, this article will sound AWESOME being read aloud at your hearing.” Another: “After reading this piece, I don’t care one bit if Mr. Aron dies in traffic, but I’m going to feel a lot of remorse for the people he takes with him.”

I asked Aron what he’s hearing from emailers and phone-callers. He replied:

Very negative reaction. People on twitter hoping I die in a fiery car wreck. I’ve seen some blog posts by bicycle activists condemning me. No emails or phone calls.



I’ve been thinking a lot about it. I guess I’ve been convinced that I’m wrong. It’s strange how when one side feels really strongly about something, it makes their argument more convincing. I’m not sure that’s how it should be, but that’s how it is.

When I was driving home from work yesterday I called a friend and he texted me back. I texted him back – at a red light, and then immediately felt guilty! So I guess if I had to rewrite the piece today, the headline would be: Yes I text when I drive, yes I feel guilty.

* Yes, I text and drive. No, I’m not sorry (