Morning Report for May 14, 2014

* Baltimore Police Department stops talking to Sun reporter Justin Fenton. “Since last fall, Fenton has written stories that embarrassed Commissioner Anthony Batts and his media spokespeople as the department took steps to control its public image,” reports City Paper. (
* Strange ethics: A Georgia newspaper claims it’s okay to lift stories as long as it includes the author’s byline. (
gotta* People are waiting for the Bezos-owned Washington Post to cover the Amazon/Hachette dispute. The Post’s ex-ombud in 2013: “If the Post doesn’t cover the crap out of Amazon, then the paper isn’t doing its job, and will get grief from a thousand media outlets for not doing so.” ( | (@jackshafer) | “We’re looking into it,” says Post executive editor Marty Baron. (
* The May 25th issue of New York Times Magazine will be the first under editor Jake Silverstein. (
* Dan Kennedy: Should the Boston Globe have released the names of the officers involved in the Florida shooting death of a Tamerlan Tsarnaev associate? (
* So everyone seems to be starting sentences with “So…” (
* New York Press Club announces its 2014 journalism contest winners. Steve Brill gets the club’s highest award for “Bitter Pill.” (
* The Toledo Blade, which lost over $8.5 million last year, wants to outsource printing rather than invest in new presses. (
detroit* A marriage proposal in the Detroit Free Press newsroom. (Warning: The video is auto-play.) (
* How Capital New York’s “60-Second Interview” is put together. (
* Prediction: We’ll all be wearing a Google Glass-like device by 2025. (
* “Life will go on if George Norcross wins [Philly’s dailies]. Just as it would if Donald Trump directed the Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra.” (
* Patch is looking for a CEO who is “deeply committed to connecting communities (and brands) with news, storytelling, and social information.” (