NPR ombudsman explains why he’s been MIA

As he does every mid-month, NPR ombudsman Edward Schumacher-Matos invited readers today to participate in his Open Forum. And they did, asking….

“What’s up with the Ombudsman?”

“Almost two months since ESM has posted anything. Where is he? What is he doing”

I asked Schumacher-Matos to solve the mysteries. He responded:

I am about to post a complicated piece now.ombud But no mysteries: I have been on vacation, have gone through a change of two assistants in two months, killed a circular piece that didn’t pan out and have been very busy with internal and diplomatic matters, including preparing for my succession. My contract ends August 1. I should be looking for a new job! Any suggestions welcomed.

Will the position be filled or killed? “I think that I will be replaced,” he says.

* Open Forum for May 14, 2014 (