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Jessie Perrine tells me she’s serious about this, and has spent a year searching for a porcupine. (That’s about as long as she’s been with the Brainerd, Minn. Dispatch.) She admits she’s not sure how she’ll go about getting quilled. “I want to get the porcupine first,” and then figure that out. About a week ago, the adventurous journalist hit the Brainerd International Raceway “to get my first taste of high-speed driving” — without knowing how to drive a stick shift. | h/t @carlsewall


* @Cornelialg: Mom’s badass new hobby ( | h/t @nickbilton
* Wake Forest PR invites the media to watch Abramson’s commencement address (
* C-SPAN will be covering it on Monday (@cspan)

-- From the New York Times Innovation Report

— From the New York Times Innovation Report

* Times internal report paints a dire digital picture ( | Full report
* Read highlights from “one of the key documents of this media age” (

* Sulzberger: Abramson’s pay wasn’t significantly less than her predecessors (
* “Sulzberger is himself a bad manager, and managed this situation spectacularly badly,” writes Rachel Sklar (
* Simon Dumenco: Maybe Arthur just got sick of Jill (
* Abramson was everything to young women at the Times (
* NYT public editor: Let’s take a moment to celebrate Abramson’s reign (
* The month of May has always been a stinker for Abramson and the Times (


* Weird juxtaposition: Jill Abramson and female lab critters (
* Jill Abramson and the discriminated lab mice (

* Here’s the story that Gerhart was trying to read (


Eric Romeo says he took the photo on the right at the Barnes & Noble store on N. Federal Highway in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

* Look how Barnes & Noble covered up Neil Patrick Harris (@ejromeo69)

* The New York Times on Jill Abramson: “She was accused by some of divisiveness and criticized for several of her personnel choices. …”[Dean] Baquet had become angered over a decision by Ms. Abramson to make a job offer to a senior editor from The Guardian, Janine Gibson, and install her alongside him in a co-managing editor position without consulting him.” (
* Gibson: “The New York Times talked to me about the role of joint managing editor, but I said no.” (
* It was an “uncommonly bloody manner of execution.” ( | “Harsh and humiliating.” (
* Abramson’s problems with publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr. started even before she was named editor. (
* Ira Stoll: “She got tagged ‘abrasive.’ This happens to a lot of smart New York Jews.” (
* “I don’t think she got enough credit for some important work done by the Times,” writes Howard Kurtz, “including some early critical reporting about ObamaCare.” (
* Anyone get a quote from Howell Raines yet? | Update: Politico did. “Reached by phone Wednesday at his Pennsylvania home, Raines said he was unaware that Abramson’s tenure had ended. ‘I didn’t know that,’ he said chuckling lightly, commenting that he lives out in the country.”
* “Most of what I want The New York Times to be, it already is,” says new executive editor Dean Baquet. ( | A Baquet explainer. ( | “The guy’s a born leader.” (
* “God is good,” says a black journalist from Alabama. “First a president and now the top journalist.” (
* FiveThirtyEight: Abramson wouldn’t have been the only woman in journalism paid less than her male peers. (
* Salaries shouldn’t be secret, says Felix Salmon. (He doesn’t disclose his, though.) (
* Of course! Wall Street Journal lowers its paywall for people to read about troubles at the rival paper. (
* “I’ve been fired three times,” says Elizabeth Drew, who is still working at 78. (
* TechCrunch lets its reporters work for startups. Parent AOL doesn’t respond to an inquiry about the practice. (
* Jack Shafer on Glenn Greenwald: “He’s a loner (by design, it seems), so he has to be his own posse.” I noticed that “Morning Joe” played Andrew Gold‘s “Lonely Boy” while introducing Greenwald’s segment this morning. (

-- Daily Mail map

— Daily Mail map

Hey, Daily Mail, that’s not where Los Angeles is! ( | h/t (@Woods_TylerWL)
* “ is relentlessly low end,” writes Rem Rieder, and the good work of the two dailies often gets short shrift. (
* Hank Stuever says farewell to Barbara Walters, “one of TV’s more neutral listeners.” (
* “MSNBC is trying to keep some semblance of news earlier in the day,” says Dylan Byers, “but it’s just sort of like radical and somewhat irresponsible opinion is invading more and more of their daytime lineup.” (
* English teacher in Boston: “I pick up stacks of the free daily Metro at the subway station and order my 6th grade students to pass them out.” (Core Transition)