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- Berkeley journalism grads Nausheen Husain and Sam Rolens

– Berkeley journalism grads Nausheen Husain and Sam Rolens

Here are the lyrics to a parody of “Do You Wanna Build A Snowman” from the movie “Frozen,” written and sung by UC Berkeley Class of 2014 journalism students Nausheen Husain and Sam Rolens.

“Our version is an ode to the second year students’ process of badgering advisors the few weeks before Master’s projects are due,” Husain tells Romenesko readers.

Watch their performance here. (“Jeremy” and “Ed” are Berkeley journalism advisers Jeremy Rue and Edwin Dobb.)

Can you help me build my website?
Or maybe just a blog?
My text is running off the page
And I just can’t gauge
Why everything looks off.

And Koci said my colors
Are interesting
But I think that was just a lie
So can you help me build my website
I really need to have a website
(Go away, Nausheen)
Okay, bye.

Can you help me write a story?
I bit off more than I can chew
My first draft is 14,000 words
Without any verbs
I don’t know what to do

I was hoping for a book pitch
But I’m in the weeds
And no one reads magazines
I should tried to build a website
I mean who doesn’t like a website
And now I’m out of time.

Jeremy? Ed?
Please I know you’re in there
I only have three days
They say, have courage, and I’m trying to
I don’t know what to do
Just let me in.

I’m gonna suck at showcase
And crash and burn
My parents will ask me why
Can you help me build my website/write a story?
I really need to boost my resume
I guess it’s fine.

“Sam and I wrote the lyrics and practiced it late one night in a school newsroom — only took a couple practices, maybe a couple hours in total,” writes Husain. “I credit Sam with all the harmonizing and having a beautiful singing voice/talent for the guitar. …The idea was mine — I used to sing this song (and The Prince Of Egypt’s “The Plagues”) while coding my Master’s project, and eventually, I just came with alternative lyrics. I count it among my coolest moments.”

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Moore (left) and Magruder

Moore (left) and Magruder

“Jeb Magruder was probably the first historical figure I ever met in person,” El Paso Times editor Bob Moore wrote after the former Nixon aide died last week.

In 1978, Moore was an 18-year-old door-to-door fundraiser when he went to Magruder’s Colorado Springs residence. “He was out of prison and running a ministry called Young Life in Colorado Springs,” the editor tells me. “He was just preparing to go to Princeton Theological Seminary.”

I didn’t know it was his house and his Bernese mountain dog burst through the door and bit me square on the ass. Magruder’s daughter pulled the dog off of me as he made another charge. She took me inside and put me on the kitchen table.

While I was laying there, this guy I had seen on TV came in from the garden. I said, “You’re Jeb Magruder.” He looked a bit surprised and said yes. I went to the hospital and got patched up, with my pride hurting almost as much as my ass.

In hindsight, I have determined that a Watergate criminal’s dog sensed I was a journalist, years before I discovered it myself.

Moore says he covered a Magruder speech about seven years later and reminded him of the dog-biting incident.

“He said he had no memory of it,” says the editor. “My conclusion was that once you’ve attempted to subvert a constitutional republic, little things like a vicious dog attack tend to slip from memory.”

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