Cute kids complain about’s redesign (‘Was this John Henry’s idea?’)


The kids in this video are reading actual complaints that got after its recent redesign. Here are some of the “child actors'” lines:

* “I can’t find anything I’m looking for.”
* “I feel like I’m looking at a children’s picture book.”
* “My wife and I hate your website.”
* “I think my grandmother might like this site.”
* “Is this an April Fool’s joke?”
* “Why did you change everything?”
* “What is beta?”
* “Was this John Henry’s idea?”
* “Please tell me this site was designed by an unpaid intern.”
* “Good luck fixing this crap.”
* “Are you fixing this?

That’s the son of news and homepage editor Hilary Sargent on the right; the other two belong to Boston Globe CEO Mike Sheehan.


* Complaint Department (