Pennsylvania paper: That witch we profiled has a prostitution record

witch“I’m the first witch in my family, and I’m proud of it,” Rev. Kim Cabot Consoli told the Lancaster (PA) Intelligencer Journal for a May 17 “Faith & Values” section lead story.

After the piece was published, the paper learned that its profile subject has a prostitution record. “She was arrested in February,” executive editor Barbara Hough Roda tells readers. “Police said she offered sex to an undercover officer at the cosmetics and spa business run out of her Conoy Township home.”

Had this information been mined earlier, the story would never have been written, let alone published.

We understand that it is essential that we present news and information that is thoroughly reported. It should provide context, balance and thoughtful story play. In this instance, we fell short.

Consoli has images of the May 17 article on her Facebook page (the Intelligencer Journal pulled its story), but there is no mention of the editor’s follow-up column noting the prostitution arrest.

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